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September 15, 2019

New decadent gum packaging

As you may be aware, the development of packaging design and methodology is very influential in the qualitative and quantitative development of a brand's…
September 14, 2019

Dairy free or Non-dairy productions

Non-dairy productions or dairy free products generally refer to products that, in their composition, do not contain any of the components of milk and dairy…
September 12, 2019

18th International Iranian Chocolate and Chocolate Exhibition

Davoodi Foods, the owner of Chewing Gum FERZ Brand, Decadent Chewing Gum, is very proud to have been with you alongside the magnificent 18th International…
June 05, 2018

Phase 2 Factory

Phase 2 of the production plant of the Davoodi Food Industries Group (Gum Ferz) has been designed and operated since last year (1977),

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